LuLu and Me – A Story

Jan 16
One sunny day I walked through my wardrobe into a magical world of kinectimals.  Waiting for me there was a beautiful maltese tiger called LuLu.

Belle and her cuddly toy Lulu the Maltese Tiger

Belle and her cuddly toy Lulu the Maltese Tiger

Our adventures begin, I say, “hello” to LuLu and give her a stroke, her fur feels soft and cuddly. First we go to Fiddlers Beach and play a game of beach volleyball, LuLu hits the ball to me with either her paws or her head and I hit the ball back to her with my hands.  It is lots of fun.
When LuLu rolls in the sand she gets covered in sand, then I need to wash her.  After beach volleyball I go to the shop and buy her a flowery collar, she looks very pretty with her flowery collar on her and she is very happy.

Lulu's collar

Lulu's collar

After I put the collar on LuLu, I do a contest where I have to run, jump, slalom (slalom is where you have to run from side to side through poles), stop and duck! It is difficult to slalom, but I manage up to half way.
Where are we going next?

When Lulu rolls on the mossy stones she gets green and I have to wash her.  In La Selva there are lots of stones, a river with a big waterfall.  There are other animals, there are leemas and there was one giant chameloen that was green.
We do another contest.
Where are we going next?

LuLu and I head to Cherry Blossom Grove.  Our last adventure.  In Cheery Blossom Grove there are lots of Cherry trees with pretty pink petals on the trees and there is some water and a sandy area and a grassy area.  There is a dock there and stuck in the middle of one of the bits of wood we find the Capitans journal.  Me and Lulu like to play games together.
It’s time to go home now, “bye bye Lulu, see you next time”.  I give Lulu a big hug and run back through the wardrobe.

This post was written by Annabelle as part of her learning log homework.

Belle on Jill

Dec 02

I ride a horse a called Jill, she goes up and down the merry hill.

I ride a horse a called Sprite, I love him that’s right.

Video of Belle on Jill

I’ve started a learning log at school, so I’m adding it to my blog, that’s cool.

About My Fish.

May 02

I have fish.  When I got the fish I put them in my tank and they swam.  One of the fish is called Dorothy and the other one is called Poppy.

I  feed  them  twice a   day.    I   have to clean  the  fish tank out.

Pitsford Bike Ride

Mar 14

This is me on my new bike:

We went to Pitsford. I had an Ice Cream and I went in the park…

(Grand) Mothers Day

Mar 14

I love you lots grandma,

Love from Annabelle.

Charlotte Orr’s Birthday Party

Feb 28

We went to the cinema. We saw “Up”, it was funny. Then we dropped people off.

Annabelle and Charlotte Orr

Then me and Charlotte went home, then Charlotte opened her presents.